The Shocking Story Of The Two Fossilized Aliens That Were Found In Peru

Journalist and Ufologist Jaime Maussan supervised the entire process. In which the bodies of the two aliens were placed inside the window box. The bodies were retrieved from Cusco, Peru, and displayed in front of a Mexican politician and key member of Congress in Mexico City on Wednesday.

UFO reports are many. The newly revealed news caused excitement everywhere. After this news, interest in UFO news has skyrocketed. In this regard, the person’s testimony has come out.

These were not ordinary bodies. These two bodies were aliens.

These were not ordinary bodies. These two bodies were aliens. For many years, endless chatter has been going on. Many people believe them to be true and to some they are just nonsense. The report came out in Mexican media. Accordingly, Jaime Maussan، has stated on oath that these bodies do not belong to any human race. Their DNA is incomprehensible. Thus, it can be inferred that these are alien beings.

The Incredible Story Of The Two Fossilized Aliens That Were Found In Peru
The small alleged alien corpses, retrieved from Cusco, Peru, were presented in windowed boxes in Mexico City on Wednesday

Mr. Jaime Maussan claim is still considered a self-made claim

Mr. Jaime Maussan who is a journalist also presents himself as a ufologist. His claim is still considered a self-made claim. The other side of the matter is that Mr. Jaime Maussan has made various claims in the past which could not be proven true later. Mr. Jaime Maussan linked them to aliens after finding seven bodies in 2017. It was later revealed that they were human children and not aliens.

At a public hearing on UFOs, Mr. Jaime Maussan also showed several videos of UFOs and unidentified aliens to US officials and Mexican government representatives. The representatives were then shown the bodies of these two aliens.

Mr. Jaime Maussan says this creature is not related to humans. These bodies were found in diatom (algae) mines and later turned into a fossil form. Mr. Jaime Maussan also told Mexican representatives that the National University of Mexico conducted DNA tests on the bodies through radiocarbon dating. The results showed that 30% of the DNA of these bodies was completely incomprehensible, indicating that they are nonhuman.

On this occasion, X-ray samples of these bodies were also shown to the present. In which On Oath stated that inside one of the corpses was an egg-like object made of a special metal such as osmium.

Background of these Alien Claims

It is not the first time that discussion and rumors have begun after these claims, and it is not the last. This type of conversation will continue in the future, but one thing is questionable, if aliens exist, then why not tell the world about them? Individuals do this, but why does the government need to announce this? If this theory is false, why not try to stop these people from giving them ideas that are lies and misguide people?

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