Britney Spears vs Christina Aguilera: The Shocking Secrets Behind Their Rivalry

When Christina Aguilera was appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss her new Vegas residency, the host asked the Grammy winner if she had any hopes of being included in the highly anticipated book.

As the title implies, Britney Spears’ forthcoming memoir, The Woman in Me, is already on everyone’s must-read list – although if Christina Aguilera had her way, we wouldn’t be reading about her in it.

In a diplomatic manner, Christina Aguilera said, “I am hoping that everything is all right with her and that everything is beautiful for her.” She continued, “I think that the future should be celebrated.”

Kimmel went on to ask the “Dirty” chanteuse what she would choose if given the choice between being included in the memoir or not. It’s obvious that Aguilera is laughing off the question, but it’s clear that she is giving it a side-eye or two as she asks, “For real, for real?”

In contrast, Kimmel has his own “for real” hopes of being mentioned, while Aguilera points out she would rather it was “you” than “me.”

Britney Spears vs Christina Aguilera: The Shocking Secrets Behind Their Rivalry
Britney Spears vs Christina Aguilera: The Shocking Secrets Behind Their Rivalry

Christina Aguilera was very diplomatic

Given how long the two of them have been linked in the public imagination, there’s little to no chance that Aguilera won’t at least be mentioned in The Woman in Me when we consider how long she and Spears have been associated with each other.

From their days on The New Mickey Mouse Club to their oft-touted rivalry as teen pop sensations to their respective lip-locks with Madonna at the 2003 VMAs, this group has gotten it all. As a result of the long-running conservatorship battle between Spears and her family, Aguilera spoke out in support of her former Mouseketeer during the time, saying that it was “unacceptable” that Spears could not be in control of her own life.

Sadly, their relationship took a sour turn when Aguilera unfollowed Spears on Instagram after the former made apparent body-shaming comments about the once-and-future genie in a bottle after the former unfollowed her on the social media platform.

Afterwards, Spears clarified her comments, saying that she would never intentionally body shame anyone and praised Aguilera, calling her “a beautiful woman of power” for “inspiring” her.

As a result of all of that, I think it’s pretty likely that Christina Aguilera is a woman in The Woman in Me.

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