You’ll Never Guess Who Voices This Droid in Ahsoka

Huyang is a silver droid who plays an important part in Ahsoka, the new Star Wars live-action series. He has a long history with the Force and the Jedi, as he was once a mentor to Ahsoka Tano and many other younglings in The Clone Wars.

He also has a distinctive voice that belongs to a well-known actor.

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Huyang, including his background, his voice actor, and his role in the Star Wars universe.

Be warned, though, that there will be some spoilers for the first two episodes of Ahsoka and The Clone Wars. If you want to learn more about Ahsoka’s droid companion, read on and discover his secrets.

Huyang is an ancient droid who has been helping Jedi younglings construct their first lightsabers for over a millennium. He claims to have assisted legends like Yoda and Mace Windu with their weapons.

He would guide the younglings after they had retrieved their unique kyber crystals from the planet Ilum, which are the power source of lightsabers. Huyang’s origin is shrouded in mystery, but according to the canon novel “Brotherhood” by Mike Chen, he may have arrived at the Jedi Temple in a blue box thousands of years ago. This might sound familiar when you find out who voices him…

You’ll Never Guess Who Voices This Droid in Ahsoka

Who Voices This Droid in Ahsoka

The voice behind Huyang is none other than David Tennant, who is best known for portraying the 10th Doctor in Doctor Who – hence the blue box reference (hello, Tardis).

Tennant is not the only actor who has transitioned from animation to live-action in Ahsoka. Clancy Brown reprises his role as Lothal governor Ryder Azadi, while Lars Mikkelsen portrays Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Huyang had an adventure with Ahsoka Tano and some Jedi younglings in The Clone Wars. After the younglings obtained their kyber crystals on Ilum, their ship was attacked by pirate Hondo Ohnaka and his gang – the pirates wanted to steal the crystals and sell them.

Ahsoka was captured by Hondo, but the younglings managed to rescue her. However, their troubles were not over, as General Grievous showed up and threatened them.

The younglings, Ahsoka, and Hondo had to team up to fend him off. They succeeded, and were eventually saved by the Republic. Huyang was with them throughout the ordeal, and even lost his head and arms (he was thankfully fixed later).

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As of now, Huyang is traveling with Ahsoka across the galaxy. He has encouraged Ahsoka’s estranged Padawan Sabine Wren to give training another chance, and he has identified Baylan Skoll by his lightsaber knowledge. What role Huyang will play in the show is still unclear, but for now, he is a loyal friend to Ahsoka.

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