Fan’s Nazi-era insult angers Zverev at US Open

A fan who allegedly used a phrase from the Nazi era during Alexander Zverev’s match against Jannik Sinner at the US Open on Tuesday provoked the German tennis star’s anger. Zverev, who prevailed in five sets, said that the fan chanted part of the German national anthem linked to Adolf Hitler’s rule. it was a displeasure thing that happened there. lets read detail.

Zverev was about to serve in the fourth set when he noticed the Nazi-era remark from a spectator in the stands. He immediately halted and alerted chair umpire James Keothavong, who asked the fan to reveal himself. However, no one admitted and the umpire urged the fans to respect both players.

A few minutes later, security staff identified and removed the fan from Arthur Ashe Stadium. The US Tennis Association confirmed that a “disparaging Nazi-era remark” was aimed at Zverev and that the fan was ejected from the venue.

Fan’s Nazi-era insult angers Zverev at US Open

Zverev statement on Nazi-era remarks

Zverev later said that the fan had sung “Deutschland über alles”, which means in english “Germany above all” and was the first verse of the German national anthem until 1945. The verse was exploited by the Nazis and banned after World War II. The current anthem only uses the third verse, which celebrates unity, justice and freedom.

The fact that I am German and am not really proud of my history makes it a terrible thing to do, and the fact that he sits in one of the front rows, I think a lot of people hear it,” Zverev said. “I think I may be doing something wrong if I don’t respond.”

Zverev also said that he had faced similar incidents before, but not at such a big stage as the US Open. He said that he hoped such things would not happen again in the future.

Zverev advanced to the quarter finals of the US Open, where he will face defending champion Carlos Alcaraz. He aims to win his first Grand Slam title after reaching the final last year.

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