Gigi Hadid and Friend Fined for Importing Marijuana into the Cayman Islands

Gigi Hadid, the famous supermodel, got into legal hot water for having marijuana in her possession during a vacation with her girlfriends in the Cayman Islands. The 28-year-old was detained on July 10 at Owen Roberts International Airport, along with her pal, influencer Leah Nicole McCarthy, for bringing marijuana and related items into the islands. Cayman Islands Customs and Border Control said that the duo were searched by customs officers after landing in the islands by private jet from the United States and a small quantity of marijuana was found in their bags.

Gigi Explanation about marijuana

Hadid’s spokesperson, Ronde Coletta, told The Washington Post that Hadid bought the marijuana legally in New York City with a medical license and that medical use of marijuana has been allowed in Grand Cayman since 2017. Coletta said that Hadid’s record is still clean and she had a good time on the island.

Gigi Hadid and Friend Fined for Importing Marijuana into the Cayman Islands

The Resolution

Hadid and McCarthy were arrested, taken to a holding center and later freed on bail. After this happening, they appeared in summary court and confessed their guild and they agreed to pay fine of 1,000 $.A conviction was not recorded for either of them.

Hadid later shared a lot of photographs from the trip on social media, showing her having fun at the beach and water.

 She wrote on a photo posted on July 18: “All’s well that ends well.”

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