Former Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Stabbed in Prison

Larry Nassar, a former sports physician who victimized female gymnasts, was attacked and stabbed numerous times by another prisoner at a federal facility in Florida where he is serving his sentence.

Sources say Larry Nassar suffered knife wounds on his back and chest

The Associated Press was informed by two sources that the incident took place on Sunday at the United States Penitentiary Coleman in Florida.

 On Monday, they reported that his status was stable.

One possible way to rewrite the sentence is:

According to one of the sources, he reportedly had knife injuries on his back and chest.

They requested to remain anonymous when they talked to The Associated Press, as they were not allowed to share the details of the ongoing investigation or the attack publicly.

Doctor Larry Nassar
Courtesy: Scott Olson/Getty Images

 Larry Nassar was convicted of sexually abusing hundreds of athletes

 Nassar was found guilty of sexually assaulting athletes while employed by USA Gymnastics, which develops Olympic champions, and Michigan State University.

Nassar was sentenced to a protracted period of incarceration for the crimes he committed in federal and state courts.

He admitted to assaulting athletes sexually.

He also acknowledged owning child pornographic material.

In their victim impact statements from 2018, some of the athletes said that they had alerted coaches and athletic trainers about Nassar’s treatment of them, among other adults, but that no one had reported it.

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Larry Nassar ’s appeal for a new sentencing hearing was denied by the state Supreme Court

The federal government faced a lawsuit of over $1 billion from more than 100 women, including Olympic champion Simone Biles, for not acting on the allegations against Larry Nassar in 2015. It took more than a year for the police from Michigan State University to locate him in 2016.

More than 300 women and girls who were sexually assaulted by Nassar received $500 million from Michigan State, which was accused of disregarding numerous opportunities to stop him.

The Michigan Supreme Court judge’s irate remarks that Nassar was a “monster” who would “wither” in prison like the evil witch in “The Wizard of Oz,” Nassar’s attorneys claimed that he was unfairly punished in 2018 and needed a new hearing. Judge Rosemarie Aquilina of the Ingham County remarked of Nassar’s 40-year sentence, “You have just been sentenced to death.”

The state Supreme Court determined that Nassar‘s appeal was a “close question” and raised “concerns” about the judge’s behavior.

 The court did note, however, that despite her severe statements, Aquilina adhered to the sentence compromise reached by the case’s attorneys.

The court stated in a two-page judgment that “we decline to use more judicial resources and cause more trauma to the victims in this case where the questions at hand are only theoretical.” During an unusual seven-day hearing in Aquilina’s court more than four years ago, more than 150 victims spoke or submitted written testimonials. “It’s finished.

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