You Won’t Believe How Much HGTV Lost On The Brady Bunch House

The Brady Bunch House is a famous television house. It was the exterior of the Brady family home, a blended family of eight, in the hit sitcom The Brady Bunch. The show ran from 1969 to 1974 and followed the humorous and heartwarming stories of the family and their housekeeper.

The house is located in Studio City, California, and recently changed hands for $3.2 million. The buyer is Tina Trahan, a historic home enthusiast and the wife of former HBO chief executive Chris Albrecht. The seller is HGTV, a television network specializing in home improvement and renovation shows.

HGTV Brady Bunch House

HGTV bought the house in 2018 for $3.5 million and spent almost $2 million remodeling it. The network wanted to make the house interior look exactly like the TV show sets, which were actually filmed on a soundstage in Hollywood. The network added a second story to the house and recreated all the rooms seen on the show. These rooms included the famous staircase, the bright orange kitchen, and the groovy attic.

HGTV filmed the renovation process and aired it in a series called A Very Brady Renovation. The series featured the six actors who played the Brady children on the show, who helped with the design and construction of the house.

You Won’t Believe How Much HGTV Lost On The Brady Bunch House
You Won’t Believe How Much HGTV Lost On The Brady Bunch House
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The Brady Bunch House is a cultural landmark that attracts many fans and tourists who want to see where their favorite TV family lived. The house is reportedly the second most photographed home in the USA after the White House. The house also symbolizes a nostalgic era of television and family values that many people loved.

Why people are searching about Brady bunch House on internet

The reason people are searching for this brady brunch house is because it was sold at a huge loss to HGTV. The network listed the house for sale in May for $5.5 million. However, it could not find a buyer willing to pay that much for a house without working appliances and was not livable. The house was eventually sold to Trahan, who plans to use it for fundraising and charitable events, and as a luxury rental.

Trahan said she loves The Brady Bunch house and considered the house artwork. She explained that she did not mind making a risky investment because she loved the house and wanted to preserve it. She also said that she hopes to invite the Brady actors to visit the house and share their memories.

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