Bride Kisses Wrong Man In Hilarious Wedding Prank By Groom

When a bride-to-be kisses another man in front of the groom at a wedding, instead of getting angry, her husband-to-be doubles over with laughter?

In this regard, there has been an interesting incident in Nigeria. Social media users are also sharing the video of this incident. Those of you who have not heard about this incident yet, let me tell you about it.

During this wedding in Nigeria, the groom made a program to play pranks on his bride on the day of the wedding. As the groom blindfolded the bride, he told her to identify her husband by touching her face amongst the people present at the wedding and he would tell her who it was.

There was a beard on the groom’s face. For this reason, the groom asked all of the bearded men at the wedding to take turns with the bride in order to confuse her. They were sent to the bride by him.

The interesting thing was that the bride had her newly husband ‘s beard in her subconscious mind. While many of the people participating in this wedding had beards on their faces. She tentatively touched the face of a bearded man, assuming that it would be her husband . As soon as the bride’s blindfold was removed from her face, she was shocked to see that it wasn’t her husband standing before her, but a stranger that she had never even seen before.

Bride Kisses Wrong Man In Hilarious Wedding Prank By Groom
The bride chose the wrong man as groom.
Photo credit: TikTok/@iamkelvinsena

Cleverness of the groom that made the difference

I believe that it was not the stupidity of the bride, but the cleverness of her newly husband that made the difference. Because the bride, who was blindfolded, had no way of reaching the groom except via his beard since he had no other way to reach her.

As soon as the video of this incident was released on TikTok, there was a lot of sharing of this video and even now this interesting video is becoming very popular on social media and people are also making various comments about this video.

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