How Jamie Foxx Survived a Mysterious Illness and Returned to the Spotlight?

Jamie Foxx, the Oscar-winning entertainer and humorist, has at last ended his quietness about his medical condition that landed him in the emergency clinic recently. In his Instagram video, Foxx said thanks to his fans for their requests and backing, and uncovered that he went through something that he figured he could never go through.

What happened to Jamie Foxx?

Foxx was hospitalized in April 2023 for an unspecified “medical complication” while he was shooting a Netflix comedy film in Atlanta. His family issued a statement for privacy during this difficult time.

The details of Foxx’s illness have not been disclosed, but some sources claimed that he was left “paralyzed and blind” due to a COVID vaccine. 

However, Newsweek disproved these assertions, finding no evidence to back them up.

Foxx himself dismissed the rumors in his video, saying that he was not paralyzed or blind.

Foxx has also admitted to having a history of substance abuse and mental issues that led to an “almost coma” in the past.

How Jamie Foxx Survived a Mysterious Illness and Returned to the Spotlight
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How is Jamie Foxx doing now?

Foxx said that he was doing well and that he was able to work again. He thanked his family, especially his sister Deidra Dixon and his daughter Corinne Foxx, who he said had “saved” his life.

He likewise said thanks to his companions and co-stars who showed him love and backing, like Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Cameron Diaz, Andrew Scott and Jamie Demetriou.

Foxx said that he went to “hell and back” and that his road to recovery had some potholes, but he was coming back stronger.

He said that he needed to share his story to move other people who may be going through comparative difficulties.

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My opinion on Jamie Foxx’s health problem

Jamie Foxx, in my opinion, i admire his talent and his humor, and I’m glad that he is recovering from his health problem. I trust that he keeps on dealing with himself and his psychological wellness, and that he tracks down satisfaction and harmony in his work and his loved ones. I look forward to seeing more of his projects in the future, such as Back in Action, They Cloned Tyrone, and We Are Family. I wish him all the best.

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