Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd’s Love Story Ends in Divorce

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd, who have been married for five years, have filed for divorce after they became estranged from each other. 

The 33-year-old singer-songwriter of “My Church” filed a dissolution of marriage petition against the 36-year-old Hurd on Oct. 2. Divorce papers cite “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce, stating that they cannot be reconciled.

As stated in the documents, the couple, who share a three and a half year old son Hayes Andrew, have been separated since the date of the filing.

It was ordered by a judge on July 25 that Morris and Hurd must undergo a parenting seminar, which is a requirement for all divorce cases involving children in the county of Davidson. It was indicated that Morris and Hurd would have 60 days to complete the seminar from the date of filing their complaint. On October 14, according to documents provided by the state, Morris successfully completed a four-hour parenting skills seminar.

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd’s Love Story Ends in Divorce
Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd’s Love Story Ends in Divorce

Hurd always support Morris

Hurd praised Morris’ decision to step away from country music in September, when she announced that she was leaving due to being “very, very distanced” from the industry and its politics after feeling “very, very disconnected” from the industry and its politics.

According to Hurd, at the time, she deserved to be celebrated, not just tolerated, for what she did. In my opinion, I’m sick to death of seeing my wife get kicked out of her own skin by the internet. I am sick of the stupid opinions that every talking head has regarding what she says. This is the same every time, why do you still find it surprising when she calls out racial or homophobic things, and I am sick of people getting rewarded for it.”

In my opinion, she deserves some sunshine for the burden that she has carried for every artist and fan who feels the same way. It will be wonderful to see all of the beautiful and smiling faces that need these songs and also need her when she goes on her first tour. It will be very exciting for me to create music that follows the same path, whatever that may be,” said the musician.

There was a sweet tribute from Hurd at the end of April when the “I Can’t Love You Anymore” singer celebrated her birthday.

Morris and Hurd have recently celebrated their milestone anniversary as a married couple by attending the Grammy Awards together in February. 

The couple, who attended the iHeartRadio Music Festival together in 2022, first met in 2013, but it wasn’t until December 2015 that they began dating and started attending events together. 

During the CMT Music Awards in 2016, they made their first red carpet appearance together as a couple, and the following year, they got engaged. Their wedding ceremony took place in March 2018, at the Cordelle in Nashville, where they wrote their own vows before the ceremony, in a bar where they met. 

There was a rough patch as newlyweds for Morris and Hayes before they welcomed Hayes in 2020. According to Morris, the couple hit a rough patch as newlyweds. 

As a result of the “tough summer” that the couple was going through, the pair went to therapy together. In Morris’ opinion, “The two of us have grown so much closer as a result of the fact that we had to make some tough decisions and have some tough conversations about what our future is going to look like and how we can make things better,” she added. In spite of the fact that I have always loved him, I feel like I am beginning to love him in a way I did not know I could ever do.

The year 2021 proved to be one of the most memorable for the couple. They released their first-ever duet “Chasing After You,” which earned them a Grammy nomination, celebrated Hayes’ first birthday, and decided it was time to get their priorities straight. 

I don’t think music stuff is as important anymore as it used to be. I think the most important thing for us is our home life and each other, to be with our kids – and music is just our job sometimes,” Hurd told People magazine in February 2021. ” Even though it is the third item on the list, it does not imply that it is less important; it simply means that the other items will always take precedence over it.”

In the next year, Morris and Hurd toured separately, and Morris shared photographs of his month on the road with Hayes, while Hurd opened up for Sam Hunt at a concert the following year. 

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