The One Mistake that Cost Sainz the F1 Italian GP Victory

Sainz was aiming to give Ferrari a home win at Monza, but he made a crucial mistake under pressure from Verstappen that allowed the Red Bull driver to overtake him and take control of the race. The F1 Italian GP was an exciting race that witnessed Red Bull’s Max Verstappen achieve his 10th win in a row and break the all-time record for the most consecutive wins. The Dutchman had to work hard to overcome Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, who started from pole position and led the first 13 laps of the race.

Sainz had a good start and defended well against Verstappen, who had qualified second on the grid. The Ferrari driver had a clear advantage in top speed, thanks to the low-downforce setup that suited the high-speed circuit. Verstappen, on the other hand, had a better pace on the tyres and was able to stay close to Sainz throughout the first stint.

Verstappen knew that he had to force Sainz into a mistake if he wanted to overtake him, as passing on the track was very difficult due to the slipstream effect and the DRS zones. He attempted several times to attack him at the first chicane, but the Ferrari driver always managed to brake late and keep his position.

The One Mistake that Cost Sainz the F1 Italian GP Victory

One Crucial mistake of Sainz

However, on lap 14, Verstappen finally got his opportunity. He closed in on Sainz on the main straight and made a fake move to the left, forcing Sainz to react and move slightly to the right. This caused Sainz to lock up his front left tyre at the braking point and miss the apex of the first chicane. Verstappen took advantage of Sainz’s poor exit and dived down the inside of the second chicane, completing the move and taking the lead.

Sainz tried to fight back, but he had lost momentum and grip. He also had damage on his front wing from an earlier contact with Verstappen at the start of the race. He soon fell into the clutches of Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Perez, who had made his way up from ninth on the grid. Perez passed Sainz on lap 16 and secured second place for Red Bull.

Verstappen, meanwhile, pulled away from his rivals and controlled the race until the end. He crossed the finish line with a comfortable margin of 8.8 seconds over Perez, who scored his best result of the season. Sainz held on to third place and completed the podium for Ferrari, earning his second trophy of the year.

Verstappen was thrilled with his performance and his record-breaking achievement. Sainz was frustrated with his mistake, but he also praised Verstappen for his pressure. He said: “I think Max did a very good job today putting me under pressure all race long. He didn’t make any mistakes behind me and he forced me into one.”

Verstappen extended his lead in the drivers’ championship to 80 points over Lewis Hamilton, who finished fourth after starting from 20th due to an engine penalty. The Mercedes driver had a remarkable recovery drive, but he could not match the pace of Red Bull and Ferrari at Monza.

The F1 Italian GP was a memorable race that showcased Verstappen’s skill and determination to win. He proved that he can overcome any challenge and beat any opponent on any track. He also made history by becoming the first driver ever to win 10 races in a row in F1, surpassing Alberto Ascari’s record of nine wins in 1952-1953. Verstappen is now firmly on course to win his first world title this year, unless Hamilton can find a way to stop him in the remaining seven races.

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