The Secret Life of Gary Wright, the Singer Who Made Us Dream

Gary Wright, the musician who became famous for his songs Dream Weaver and Love is Alive in the 1970s, has died at 80 years old. His son Dorian told Variety that his father died on Monday at his home in California, after suffering from Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia. His son Justin also confirmed the news to NBC News.

Wright was born in New Jersey in 1943 and started his career as a child actor in TV and radio ads, Broadway shows, and The Ed Sullivan Show. He later studied medicine in the US and West Germany, but left it for music and joined the British blues rock band Spooky Tooth as a co-lead singer in 1967. He also pursued a solo career in 1970 and released several albums.

Wright met George Harrison during the making of Harrison’s 1970 album All Things Must Pass, which he played keyboard on. The two men became good friends and shared a passion for Indian spirituality. He later called Harrison “my spiritual mentor”. He played on all of Harrison’s solo albums in the 1970s, as well as other albums that Harrison produced for Apple Records, such as Ringo Starr’s singles and Ronnie Spector’s track.

The Secret Life of Gary Wright, the Singer Who Made Us Dream

When Wright’s success Started

Wright’s success came with his 1975 solo album The Dream Weaver, which featured the title track and Love is Alive as hit singles. Both songs reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and showcased Wright’s innovative use of synthesizers and keyboards. He was one of the first rock musicians to perform live on portable keyboards and the keytar, creating a unique sound that influenced many artists.

Wright’s solo career faded in the 1980s and 1990s, as he focused more on instrumental and soundtrack work. However, he continued to release albums and tour with Spooky Tooth and Ringo Starr’s All-Starr Band. His songs were also covered by artists such as Chaka Khan and sampled by artists such as Jay-Z and Eminem. His last album, Connected, was released in 2010.

Wright is survived by his sons Dorian and Justin, his daughter Lila, his grandchildren, his brother Larry, and his partner Rosemary. He will be remembered as a dream weaver who brought joy and inspiration to many people with his music.

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