The Dark Side of Joseph Gatt : How He Tried to Lure a Minor Online!

On Monday, Joseph Gatt appeared in a Los Angeles criminal courtroom on charges of engaging in se‘ually explicit online conversations with a minor.

Joseph Gatt’s girlfriend stands by him

The actor, known for his distinctive bald look, arrived with Mercy Malick, his longtime girlfriend.

Case adjourned until December

Following his arrest in April 2022 on an outstanding criminal warrant for “contact with a minor for a sexual offense,” Joseph Gatt remains out on bail. 

Judge Enrique Monguia presided over the hearing, which will resume on December 4. 

In a statement, prosecutor Michael Fern said more discovery was needed for the case to move forward. 

How the investigation began

A year and a half ago, Joseph Gatt was arrested in Los Angeles, a pivotal moment that led to a search warrant being obtained by officers from the Juvenile Division and the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. 

Additionally, the actor was charged with felony assault weapon possession.

The Dark Side of Joseph Gatt : How He Tried to Lure a Minor Online!
The Dark Side of Joseph Gatt : How He Tried to Lure a Minor Online!

Joseph Gatt denies all charges

Both charges were consistently denied by Gatt during subsequent court appearances.

He was granted bail at $5,000, but he had some restrictions. 

In addition, he wasn’t allowed to spend unsupervised time with minors, possess pornography, or use social media except for work.

Gatt took to Twitter a week after his arrest to vehemently deny the charges. 

‘I’d like to address the absolutely horrifying and completely false allegations recently leveled against me,’ he wrote. 

They’re 100% wrong and reckless. 

The press release today has errors and misleading information. ‘I’m fully cooperating with police and LAPD to solve this,’ he said.

I’m looking forward to clearing my good name. You guys know this is untrue and I can’t comment on social media further for legal reasons.

Girlfriend calls allegations ‘beyond insane’

Mercy Malick – his raven-haired girlfriend – also spoke out about the allegations on social media, calling them ‘beyond insane’

I’m so grateful to everyone who has already offered support to Joe and me. 

It’s obvious to anyone who knows us that these allegations are crazy. 

Gatt’s career highlights

Gatt’s most famous role was playing Thenn Warg on HBO’s Game of Thrones.

He was a member of the Thenn tribe, known for their ritual self-scarring and cannibalism.

In 2014, his character appeared in several episodes of season four before being killed off. 

In addition to Dumbo, Gatt starred in Star Trek Into Darkness and Thor.

Gatt’s personal struggle with alopecia

With alopecia universalis, the actor lost all his hair at 14 and started acting when he appeared on The Bill in 1999.

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