The Mystery of Jaquelin Carrieri’s Death: What Really Happened in the Clinic?

48 years old, Famous Argentinian entrepreneur, model, actress, businesswoman and fashion guru Jaquelin Carrieri died on October, 1 in Los Angeles, California.

The cause of Jaquelin Carrieri death

She died of complications following cosmetic surgery. The cause of his death is blood clotting.

The reports that have come in the media so far. It is being reported that Jaquelin Carrieri suffered a fatal stroke and died during cosmetic surgery. But the name of the clinic in which he underwent surgery was not disclosed until this article was written (6 October 2023).

It is too early to say whether legal action will be taken against the clinic. It is not yet known whether Jacqueline Hariri’s death was caused by complications from cosmetic surgery or if she suffered from a pre-existing condition.

However, what kind of complications occurred in Jaquelin Carrieri? Details have not been revealed yet.

A Birthday Celebration Turned Tragic

Jaquelin Carrieri‘s birthday was supposed to be on October 6, but she passed away a few days before her birthday. Before her death, she prepared to celebrate her 49th birthday in a unique way.

A Successful Career in Fashion and Entertainment

Jaquelin Carrieri belonged to Argentina. She was a former beauty queen. She also had two minor daughters, Chloe and Julian, according to Argentine media reports. Her daughters were standing on the right and left of her bed at the clinic where she had her cosmetic surgery.

Jaquelin Carrieri studied at the National University of Lomas de Zamora near Buenos Aires. In addition to being called Jaquelin Carrieri Boutique, it was also known as a high end fashion store. But during Covid-19, this store was forced to close.

27 years ago, she obtained the title of Queen of La Vendimia in 1996. Along with that same year, in the San Rafael en Vendimia grape harvest festival in Mendoza province, Argentina. She was the runner-up in the beauty pageant.

The Mystery of Jaquelin Carrieri’s Death: What Really Happened in the Clinic?
The Mystery of Jaquelin Carrieri’s Death: What Really Happened in the Clinic? (image courtesy:

Jaquelin also designed dresses for the Queens of San Rafael beauty pageant festival. Seeing the popularity of these dresses, her designs were worn by beauty pageant queens in the following years. It was then that Jaquelin‘s fashion store truly took off. She not only designed the clothes of the queens participating in beauty contest but also sponsored them.

The statement came after Jaquelin Carrieri’s death by the community of San Rafael Vendimia. In which they said that Jaquelin had designed costumes for beauty pageant models for many years. The community paid tribute to Jaquelin Carrieri in lavish words and thanked her for her fashion services.

A Shocking Loss for Her Family and Friends

Jacqueline’s death shocked her close relatives and friends. Those who saw her as a beautiful woman with a great deal of talent. A few days before her death, she performed at the Roma Theatre.

Jacqueline Hariri was also the ex-partner of son of famous journalist George Kuntana.

Deaths from cosmetic surgery among celebrities

A similar incident happened a few weeks before Jaquelin Carrieri‘s death. This is when famous model and actress Silvina Luna tragically died due to complications during her poor beauty treatment. This news shook the fashion world. A few weeks after this tragic incident, Jaquelin’s sudden death added to this sadness.

If we recall, in May 2023, ‘Wild ‘N’ Out’ star Jacky Oh tragically died due to complications from cosmetic surgery. In an interview with People Magazine, famous Dr. Michael Obeng said that although cosmetic surgery is considered safe, there are some risks associated with this beauty enhancement process.

Injections are required to be administered during the procedure and there are concerns that blood flow to some tissues may be affected and they may die. As a result, the patient’s life is also at risk.

Another incident happened with Kim Kardashian’s doppelgänger, Christina Ashten. The woman died in April 2023 while undergoing plastic surgery to increase her backside. During plastic surgery, she suffered a heart attack and died. People magazine reports one of the two people who performed Christina Ashten’s plastic surgery was arrested a few days later. The sad part was that this woman who operated on Christina Ashten’s plastic surgery was working in medicine without a license. Christina was exposed to this woman’s experience.

A successful actress and businesswoman from Argentina

As a theater actress, she became popular for two shows, Uncle Chin Chin and Dear Relatives. Jaquelin Carrieri’s death is no less than a big shock for the Argentine entertainment industry and fashion. She was also a successful businesswoman.

Her Life in California and Her Mysterious Relationship Status

When Jaquelin Carrieri‘s fashion store was closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, she shifted to California, United States. She spent many years in California and made a name for herself here.

For the past few years, Jaquelin has always been seen with her two daughters. However, it is difficult to say whether she was married or living with her partner. All sources are silent about this and she herself has never mentioned it.

Her loving motherhood and Her Last Instagram Post

She introduced her two daughters on her social network.

It is too early to say what kind of cosmetic surgery Jaquelin Carrieri underwent and whether she really died of a stroke during the surgery. However, in the coming days, more details will surely come out.

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Jaquelin Carrieri’s last Instagram post was on September 9. In this post, she said she celebrated her daughter Chloe’s ninth birthday. On this occasion, she invited her daughter’s minor friends and organized a pool party as well. It is not difficult to guess that Jacqueline Hariri really loved her daughters very much.

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