Walking Dead Actor Erik Jensen Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer

Erik Jensen, the actor who gained fame from the Walking Dead television show, has been diagnosed with cancer.

A stage four colon cancer has been diagnosed in Erik . Two years ago, Erik Jensen also suffered from a brain aneurysm. In the course of his treatment for this disease, he had to endure many hardships, but now that it is associated with cancer, the news has saddened all Walking Dead fans.

His family has shared all the details of his illness on social media, and his fans have also commented. In addition to his role on The Walking Dead, Erik Jensen also appeared in CSI and Alias.

Jessica Blank, Erik Jensen’s wife, is also a famous actress and writer with a thirteen-year-old daughter named Sadie. As Erik Jensen’s treatment will now cost a lot, his family has also appealed for help on Gofundme.

It is now necessary for fans to support this. It has been twenty-three years since Eric and Jessica got married. Also, Jessica and Sadie, thirteen, have had an excellent time together, and now they stand by their father’s side.

Despite surviving a stroke two years ago, Erik faces the most challenging challenge of his life now. Despite being 53 years old, Erik is still determined and hardworking.

Walking Dead Actor Erik Jensen Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer
Walking Dead Actor Erik Jensen Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer

Erik Jensen is ready to fight again

While Eric’s liver has been severely damaged by cancer, his wife, Jessica, is hopeful that he will not be alone during this difficult time.

According to Jessica, Eric has a thirteen-year-old daughter and has many dreams for this world.

After two major surgeries, Eric‘s doctors hope to eradicate the cancer. Further, Jessica stated that her medical expenses have skyrocketed and her medical insurance will expire soon.

Many celebrities have expressed their favorable thoughts about Erik and hope Eric will come out of this ordeal soon.

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