You Won’t Believe What Happened to Dumbledore After Harry Potter!

A statement issued on behalf of his family said actor Michael Gambon died on Thursday after suffering pneumonia. He played Albus Dumbledore in most “Harry Potter” movies.

PA says his publicist Clair Dobbs said Sir Michael Gambon’s death was “devastating.”

“Following a bout of pneumonia, Michael died peacefully in hospital with his wife Anne and son Fergus by his side. He was 82 years old.”

Career highlights

As the psoriasis-stricken sleuth in the 1980s hit series “The Singing Detective,” Gambon was known for his extensive work across TV, film and radio.

Born in Cabra, Dublin, Gambon moved to London as a child and became one of the leading thespians of his generation. His first job was as an apprentice toolmaker in Camden, where he grew up in an Irish immigrant community. Over the course of his lifetime, he developed a passion for antique guns, clocks, and classic cars.

In 2004, he told a Guardian interviewer, “I have always been an obsessive collector.” “I collect stamps,” he said. The cars and guns I collect are much more expensive, and harder to store.”

In addition to his toolmaker apprenticeship, Gambon attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He made his professional stage debut in Dublin’s “Othello” (1962).

You Won’t Believe What Happened to Dumbledore After Harry Potter!
You Won’t Believe What Happened to Dumbledore After Harry Potter!

Laurence Olivier hired him to join the newly formed National Theatre Company. Gambon finally played title roles in his favorite Shakespearean plays four years later when he joined the Birmingham Repertory Company.

When Gambon starred in “The Singing Detective,” a 1986 Anglo-American television miniseries, he became a household name.

As a result of his efforts, he was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1990. His drama service earned him the title of Knight Bachelor eight years later.

The Role of Dumbledore

Gambon is best remembered for his role as Dumbledore in the “Harry Potter” film series. Gambon took over following Richard Harris’ death in 2002. Six of the eight “Harry Potter” films featured Gambon as Dumbledore.

On Instagram, Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley in the series, tributed Gambon.

“My heart aches out to Michael’s family. It was a pleasure to be on set with him every day,” wrote Grint. The fun and eccentricities of his life captured my attention as a kid and he became a role model for me.”

Other tributes

As Petunia Dursley’s aunt in the movies, Fiona Shaw said Gambon’s career varied considerably throughout his career.

Gambon, according to Shaw, was a “gun maker” who fooled the V&A [museum] into believing they were 18th century weapons. He could do anything.”

Helen Mirren recalled Gambon’s sense of humor and tribute.

Despite being naughty, she found it very funny. It was impossible not to laugh when he was around.”

Gambon was also dubbed an “instinctive actor” who contributed significantly to British theater.

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