Milk Myth Busted: Is Milk Actually Bad for You?

Nowadays there are many types of milk available in the market like soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk etc. Therefore, we must decide which of these milks is best for our health. American dietitian Caroline Thomason has discussed this issue recently.

First of all, understand that all nutritionists agree that the consumption of milk is not harmful to health in any way. It contains protein, vitamins and calcium in abundance, so its use is beneficial, so the question is why there are concerns about it.

Some people have a pre-existing condition or complaint, says Dr. Carolyn. When they drink milk, they get an allergic reactions or heaviness in their stomach or indigestion or any similar problem. Instead of making a quick decision to give up milk, such people should consult a doctor to understand the real cause of this disease. This is because drinking milk typically does not cause allergic reactions. Of course, these problems arise for another reason.

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Milk Myth Busted: Is Milk Actually Bad for You?
Milk Myth Busted: Is Milk Actually Bad for You?

In today’s era, the question is also raised about how to choose one’s diet. Dr. Caroline gives a satisfactory answer, saying that anyone can choose their own diet. For example, no single diet can improve overall health, nor can consuming a single diet cause serious health problems.

Right way to drink Milk

It is quite natural that we include only healthy things in our diet. The question is which is the best, and the human body itself gives the answer. According to Dr. Caroline, if you add something different to your diet, within a few days your body will tell you whether it has benefited from the change or not. Continue to eat this item if it is beneficial. It’s better for you. But if you add something radically different to your diet and after a few days of use, you feel that you are not liking the new change, you will definitely change the whole thing.

Understand that banana milkshakes are beneficial for health. If he drinks a banana milkshake for a week, he gets significant benefits. But if another person drinks a banana milkshake, he is neither benefited nor harmed. Now neither the use of bananas nor the use of milk. The point is that everyone’s body and needs are different. So, according to Dr. Caroline, you should use milk without fear. According to the US Department of Agriculture, 90% of Americans don’t get enough dairy. The reasons for this can be discussed long, but if one can find pure dairy, one should use it.

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