PornHub Blocked in Texas: Users Turn to VPNs

Access to PornHub has been blocked in Texas. This is because of the age verification law. But now Texas users need VPNs to access PornHub.

According to a CNN report, the number of users searching for VPNs in Texas has increased manifold since the law came into effect. The purpose of the age verification law is to prevent access to pornographic material by minors, and websites like Porn Hub were unable to fully implement the law.

This decision has many reactions. A Texas judge recently said homosexual crimes are on the rise. Therefore, the state should know who views such content. On the other hand, a prominent official of Texas issued a statement on a social media site. He said that if websites that create pornographic content deliver their content to children, it is better to get rid of them.

PornHub Blocked in Texas: Users Turn to VPNs
PornHub Blocked in Texas: Users Turn to VPNs

Pornhub Access denied in Texas

Many people also say that giving their driving license details to access a free website is too sensitive. On the other hand, in a blog post on the Porn Hub side, it has been stated that the age verification process should be completed on the user’s mobile or laptop and not through a third party to create a sense of insecurity within the user.

PornHub has also blocked users’ access to its website in several other states due to age verification laws.

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