The Truth About Longevity: It’s Not Just About Genes 

Everyone wants to know how to live a long life. Many theories and food programs have been proposed in this regard.

Three hundred years ago, the average age was 30. It will surprise many people, but the average age has increased over time.

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the average age in the United States in 2021 was 76.1. If we talk about people around the world today, life expectancy is 73 years.

An Arizona internist and geriatrician, Dr. Amit Shah, published a report recently. Dr. Amit Shah says genes have a lot to do with longevity. It should be noted that twenty-five percent of longevity depends on genetics. But seventy-five percent are other conditions like cancer and heart disease that can lead to death early.

The Truth About Longevity: It's Not Just About Genes 
The Truth About Longevity: It’s Not Just About Genes 

Dr Amit shah opinion about longer life

Dr. Amit Shah also says that a person’s social status, where he resides, and if there are long-lived people around him can also prolong his life. In other words, a strong social system can make a person’s life long.

In his report, Dr. Amit Shah mentioned a patient with a long life. That patient used to tell him, “Sir, you must have a reason to get up every morning.”

According to Dr. Amit Shah, living a purposeful life, following the basic principles of maintaining health and choosing a healthy diet can lead to a long life even today. Because no such magical medicine has been developed that one can live for such a long time.

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