The Shocking Truth About Harassment on Indian Airlines Flights

In Indian airlines, incidents of sexual harassment of women are occurring on a continuous basis. A recent incident occurred on a flight from Mumbai to Guwahati during the course of the flight. During the last three months, this is the fifth incident of harassment of women during air travel that has happened.

In spite of the fact that the world has developed a lot over the years, there are still some areas outside of the home that do not seem to be safe for women.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of these points. Furthermore, we will also mention the incident that happened with Zahra Wasim, a famous actress who starred in Aamir Khan’s most famous movie, Dangal, at the same time. It was also reported in 2017 that Zahira Wasim was harassed during her flight by a male passenger.

Let’s first take a look at the current tragic event that has taken place.

As per airline sources, the victim woman was recently admitted to the hospital due to a medical issue that she was suffering from. She was sleeping during the journey when a male passenger started harassing her while she was sleeping. The cabin lights were switched on as soon as the woman raised a noise in her cabin. It has been reported that the person in question has been arrested and handed over to the police.

The Shocking Truth About Harassment on Indian Airlines Flights
in Indian airlines harassments incident increasing. actress zahra waseem was also victim of harassments in airline

In spite of the fact that legal action has been taken, there is a need to figure out why such incidents are happening so frequently in the context of air travel. Before this incident, four women had made similar complaints to Indian airlines in the last three months, and now this is the fifth instance where a similar complaint has been made to Indian airlines.

Is it the fact that the men know that legally they cannot be punished more severely or is it because they feel that the woman they are trying to harass will remain silent despite their vile behavior despite their knowledge of the law.

There is a need for the above authorities to come up with a strategy in order to deal with this issue. Let’s now take a look at the incident that happened with Zara Wasim and see what happened.

Actress Zahra Waseem’s harassment incident during airline travel

While travelling from Delhi to Bombay, Zahra Wasim, who gained fame all over India because of the Indian film Dangal, was harassed by the male passenger behind her seat when she was traveling from Delhi to Bombay in 2017. Zahra Waseem’s neck and back were repeatedly touched by the passenger’s foot on multiple occasions. As a result of Zahra Waseem’s complaint, the passenger was arrested.

In spite of this, such incidents continue to occur over and over again. It is important to ask what it is that renders those individuals who engage in this vile activity immune to any types of danger?

Taking a closer look at the incident of Zahra Waseem and the recent incident, we can see a striking similarity between these two incidents, which is the fact that both of these incidents involved a woman traveling alone on both occasions.

It is important to note that harassers usually target girls or women who are traveling alone and who are usually targeted by them. As a result, women who are traveling on their own are considered to be solo airline travelers and become target of harassers.

On the front row there are women seated and on the back row there are women seated. In order to reduce incidents of harassment in airlines to a considerable extent, it is recommended that this method be followed.

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