From Police Officer to Terrorist: How “Barbecue” Took Over Haiti?

It may sound strange, but the truth is that a former police officer who has now become the head of an organized gang known as Barbecue has wreaked havoc in Haiti’s capital. Haiti, a country of about 12 million people, has become the center of attention worldwide. In particular, one gang dominates Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince.

He has gained so much power that he publicly threatened Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry with genocide if he does not leave office.

During his trip outside the country, Prime Minister Ariel Henry was unable to land in his capital, and had to seek permission to land in a nearby country to prove the power of this gang.

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From Police Officer to Terrorist: How "Barbecue" Took Over Haiti

It is not difficult to imagine how deteriorated the situation has become in a country. This is where the Prime Minister is afraid of landing a plane in his own country.

From attacks on police stations to the release of hundreds of prisoners, firing incidents are being reported across the capital. The question arises as to who exactly is this 46-year-old gang leader from Barbecue who is so powerful that he threatens to oust the country’s prime minister.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Ariel Henry is reported to have been to the United Nations to discuss security forces deployment in Haiti. This is to control the law and order situation in the country.

But after he left the country, the situation became more serious and now the capital’s international airport is also under attack by this terrorist group. This is the reason why the Prime Minister could not land here.

Who is BarbeCue?

This gang has continued to attack every significant place including government buildings and prisons. The gang consists of G9 and other allies, led by a brutal man named Barbecue who has shaken Haiti with his attacks.

It was Barbecue who earned the title when more than seventy people were killed in a mass massacre in La Saline, a neighborhood in Port-au-Prince in 2018. These people were brutally killed, burned and dismembered. Jimmy Cherizier’s hand is behind these events. It gained fame as a barbecue after this major terrorist incident.

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