Donald Trump Flips on TikTok Ban? Motive Suspected

Former US President Donald Trump who is in the race to become US President for the third time. His recent interview is discussed.

CNBC conducted this interview. In this interview, Trump made a statement regarding the Tik Tok App that surprised everyone.

Trump has been against Tik Tok in the past, but it should be said that he was against Tik Tok until recently.

According to American sources, when Donlad Trump was US president, Trump tried to implement such a policy. Due to that the future of TikTok app in America could be dark. Even using TikTok through the Google Play Store would have been difficult.

Donald Trump Flips on TikTok Ban? Motive Suspected
Donald Trump Flips on TikTok Ban? Motive Suspected

Possible Reason behind Donald Trump opinion changed

Due to some issues, Donlad Trump could not implement this policy, but his thinking regarding TikTok did not change. In Trump’s opinion, the Chinese government benefits from the TikTok app, i.e. it gets access to information about the American people. But from Trump’s recent statement, it seems that Trump’s thinking has changed in this regard.

Donlad Trump surprised us by saying in a recent interview that if Tik Tok is banned in America, it will benefit Facebook. Trump believes Facebook is the enemy of the United States people. It should be remembered that Facebook’s founder has faced criticism in this regard many times in the past. Critics believe that Facebook leaks its users’ data etc.

In other words, Donlad Trump defended the TikTok app in his recent statement. Which is surprising. Why did Trump finally change his mind? In this regard, it is reported that Jeff Yass, the prominent Tik Tok investor, met President Trump some time ago. Trump’s change regarding Tik Tok are also linked to this meeting.

Jeff Yass has criticised former President Trump in the past. But after meeting with Trump, a change in his behavior is also seen. Sources also say that Jeff Yass is likewise expected to receive a huge donation for Trump’s third presidential campaign.

If the links are put together, it seems likely that Trump is hoping for a big donation from Jeff Yass. And Jeff Yass belongs to Tik Tok. So, Trump has changed his mind about Tik Tok. Whatever the reason. In this regard, various opinions are being expressed on social media.

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