How Linda Evangelista Fought Cancer and Lost Her Breasts

Legendary supermodel Linda Evangelista, who ruled the fashion world in the 90s, shared her battle with breast cancer that started in 2018.

After reading this story, you will feel sad, but also understand the inner strength and confidence of a supermodel. At this most difficult time, she feels strong and not ready to give up.

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Linda said she had a double mastectomy to remove cancerous lumps in her breasts. She also faced another challenge when she discovered a new lump in her chest wall in 2020. This lump was a rare type of muscle cancer. She underwent chemotherapy and radiation to treat it.

How Linda Evangelista Fought Cancer and Lost Her Breasts

Linda is a real iron lady

She said her chances of survival are “good but not excellent ” and that she feels like she is “halfway to the grave”. She explained that she chose to have both of her breasts removed “without hesitation” because she wanted to move on and not worry about this.

She also told her doctor to “dig a hole in my chest” if needed, because she did not care about her appearance. Linda said she had not told anyone about her diagnosis and treatment except a few close people. She said she would tell her story one day but not while she is struggling with it.

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