Why did the ancient Greeks live an outdoor lifestyle?

Ancient Greeks were known for their outdoor lifestyles. Today, it seems surprising that someone would spend so much time outside. Instead, today’s generation tries to reduce their busyness and spend more time with their families. It is the purpose of this article to find out what were the hobbies outside the home that caused the ancient Greeks to spend more time outdoors.


The agora was a place where citizens spent most of their time in ancient Greece. Traditionally, they gathered here. There was a wide range of topics discussed during the conversation.  In this place, there was no discrimination. Any topic could be discussed. The atmosphere appears to be similar to that of a social club in comparison with today. A place where people from all walks of life can freely exchange ideas.

Religious attachment

In ancient Greece, religion played a significant role. worshipped gods and goddesses. To please their gods, they offered various sacrifices. They felt spiritual peace as a result of this. people spent most of their time in religious ceremonies outside their homes. For the ancient Greeks, religion was very important.

Exercise, They enjoyed deeply

In order to stay fit, the ancient Greeks were highly interested in exercise. Despite not having modern exercise machines like today, they exercised well according to their times. They assigned a place where they exercised together for this purpose. It is interesting to note that the Greeks enjoyed exercising together. It was not common to exercise indoors. The activity had to be performed outside as well.

Why did the ancient Greeks live an outdoor lifestyle

Having a passion for shopping

You would feel lonely if your wife asked you to shop twice a day, but the ancient Greeks loved venturing out of the house to shop. This pretext allowed them to mix with other people. Additionally, this habit suggests that social relationships were very important to the ancient Greeks. The modern era constantly pushes us toward isolation.

Enjoy celebrating festivals

Ancient Greeks greatly favored an outdoor lifestyle, as you’ve read. They held a variety of festivals. During the festival, they had a chance to mingle with each other. The festival was also celebrated with various religious rituals.

 Ancient Greeks loved the open air

People made their homes in such a way. They mostly lived in a place with plenty of air and no sense of suffocation. Perhaps it was the environment that made them feel more relaxed outside. Trees and places of worship were usually near their houses. Besides their love of nature, the Greeks were fascinated by religion as well.

Baths in public places

The life of the ancient Greeks reveals that there were many public baths in Greece at that time. Hence, even for bathing, the ancient Greeks preferred public baths. In addition to bathing, socialization was also possible here. In other words, people used to sit together and discuss their social and political issues while bathing.

What is poly lifestyle


These are the valuable points mentioned above. It is easy to understand why the ancient Greeks valued outdoor lifestyle so much. Natural surroundings were important to the ancient Greeks. Additionally, they settled in areas with mountains and natural scenery. In addition to this, their religious activities, love of socializing, and enthusiasm for all kinds of sports, all of which can only be satisfied outside the house, was a reason why the ancient Greeks believed that the outdoor lifestyle was of particular importance in their lives.

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