How to Renew Your ID Card Without Going to NADRA Centre?

All those who come to the NADRA Centre to make an ID card or renew it. They see long lines all over the place. As a result, NADRA has now affected a facility for the convenience of common citizens.

NADRA has given the facility to citizens updating their ID cards that they can also renew their ID cards through the post office, i.e. they do not need to come to the NADRA Centers, but they can go to their nearest General post office to renew their ID cards.

Which post offices of Karachi NADRA provide this service

Ten General Post Offices in Karachi have been linked with NADRA’s system to renew citizens’ ID cards. These posts are located in Sadar Area and II Chandrigar Road, both in the city of Karachi. Here ID cards can be renewed for more than one year after expiry.

Will these post offices have all the facilities like NADRA Centres?

If this question is also in your mind, the answer is no. For example, the facility of renewing the identity card to get the biometric of their close relatives will not be available here. This facility is available in NADRA Centres. Whenever you need to renew your ID card, you are asked by NADRA to bring your blood relative with you. This verification is necessary but there will be no such facility in these post offices.

Rather, you have to choose another option. And that second option will be to get the ID card renewal form attested by a grade 16 or above government officer. You will submit it here. This way you don’t need to call or confirm a close relative.

Also you will not get facilities like PRC and Form B in these General Post Offices. For this you have to come to the NADRA Centre. You should understand that these post offices are currently used only for renewing your ID card and this is also an excellent convenience.

How to Renew Your ID Card Without Going to NADRA centre
How to Renew Your ID Card Without Going to NADRA centre (image courtesy: Nation)

What is NADRA biker service?

Earlier, NADRA has also introduced biker service so that citizens can complete the process of making ID cards at home. The ID cards can be delivered to the homes of citizens by bike. Thanks to this facility, many people will not have to stand in queues at NADRA Centres and get ID cards at home. Because one has to pass through the rush in NADRA Centres and wait in long lines for a long time.

In order to complete the ID card registration process, apart from male NADRA officer, women registration officers will also reach your home through their scooters. They will complete the ID card registration process and then when the time comes, the ID card will be sent to your home. However, NADRA has said that if citizens want to register and receive an ID card sitting at home, they will have to pay extra charges. In other words, citizens will be charged more than the standard fees for making or renewing ID cards.

If you look at the rush in NADRA Centres, this extra amount also seems very reasonable as your whole day is saved and you can get this essential facility sitting at home with peace and contentment.

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