Pakistan’s Plan to Boost Freelancing and Attract Billions of Dollars

Economically depressed Pakistan is considering expanding freelancing market. In this regard, 5000 joint e-working centers are being established across the country for freelancers. Information Technology Caretaker Minister Umar Saif has told Pakistani media that we are taking these steps to impress global investors. Dr. Umar Saif further said that a program of interest free loans is also being made to empower freelancers, thanks to which millions of employment opportunities will be created in the country.

Caretaker Minister Umar Saif is confident that after these measures, investors’ confidence in the IT sector will be restored. Additionally, IT exports will increase and dollars will also flow.

Dr. Umar Saif, in a meeting with the Pakistan Software Export Board, Umar Saif emphasized that the board should train 200,000 IT professionals in the country so that IT exports in the country can reach five billion dollars. . Dr. Umar Saif also referred to the meeting with Caretaker Finance Minister Dr. Shamshad Akhtar and talked about the five-point agenda for the IT sector.

How many freelancers work in Pakistan?

According to a Express Tribune report published on August 24, 2022, there are currently around three million freelancers working in Pakistan. Pakistan ranks among the top five countries in the world for freelancing services. This report also stated that in 2022, Pakistani freelancers would attract 400 million$ worth of business in terms of export remittances. This was done by providing freelance services to other countries. Experts believe that if work is done in this regard in the IT sector, there is scope for development.

Pakistan’s Plan to Boost Freelancing and Attract Billions of Dollars
Pakistan’s Plan to Boost Freelancing and Attract Billions of Dollars (image courtesy: aitadal)

Where do Pakistani freelancers work most often?

Pakistanis are doing prominent work by providing their services on websites like Fiver and Upwork, but there is no dearth of YouTube workers. Regarding this, the popular freelance websites in Pakistan for freelancers include Guru, People on Hour, Truelancers and other similar websites. This information is taken from the UnitedSol website.

How can Pakistani freelancers solve their problems in Pakistan?

A report published in the Express Tribune on February 6, 2023 stated that the biggest challenge for Pakistani freelancers is getting training or basic knowledge of freelancing. Have to do it. Many freelancing enthusiasts do not know who to contact to get work. In this regard, most of them do not know English. This means they are unable to communicate properly with the owner who is providing the work or understand him about their services. That is why they cannot find work.

Future Freelancing strategies and solutions for freelancers

New Pakistani freelancers will have to learn the English language because without understanding the English language they will not be able to satisfy their employers regarding their services. There are many YouTube videos of highly qualified freelancing instructors. Which are guided in detail. If you want to do freelance work, YouTube is enough for basic information and master English speaking and writing skills. This is because if you really want to do something in the freelancing field, mastering the English language is very significant.

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