Teachers Strike At Karachi University: What’s The Real Reason Behind It?

Karachi University teachers have announced a boycott of classes Friday. This boycott will start on 22 September 2023۔

Dawn News sources say there are several reasons behind this boycott, including teacher arrears. Many teachers at the University of Karachi have complained that their arrears have been overdue for more than a year. However, the university administration has not paid arrears.

Apart from this, the teachers of Karachi University have also complained about the behavior of the Vice-Chancellor. He says that the vice chancellor of the university’s behavior is not worthy of him. The decision to boycott classes was taken at the general body meeting of Karachi University Teachers Association i.e. KUTS. In this meeting, teachers’ problems were discussed. The Chief of Karachi University Teachers Association Soleha Rehman said that it was unanimously decided in the meeting that the boycott of the morning and evening classes of the university will continue Until the Vice-Chancellor of the University promises to resolve all the teachers’ problems.

Teachers Strike At Karachi University: What’s The Real Reason Behind It?
Teachers Strike At Karachi University: What’s The Real Reason Behind It?

Soleha Rehman expressed regret for the educational loss caused to students by this strike. However, she said that teachers had no choice but to strike.

Karachi University did not face this situation at once. Instead, these problems had been carried on between the teachers and the vice chancellor of the university for several months. According to Dawn News, about a month ago, about seventy percent of evening class teachers had written to the Vice-Chancellor that they would boycott classes if their arrears were not paid on time. But instead of solving these issues, the university administration had put them on the back burner. Now it is to be seen whether the university administration accepts the demands of the teachers or remains silent after this strike.

What is the background of Dr. Khalid Mahmood Iraqi, Vice Chancellor of Karachi University?

Khalid Mahmood Iraqi was appointed vice chancellor of the university by the Sindh government in 2022. Many problems arose during his deployment. When there was a suicide attack on Chinese teachers at Karachi University in April 2022. The reason for this was a lack of security. During this time, Dr. Khalid Mahmood was also serving as Vice Chancellor of the University. There have been questions about his behavior and deployment since the beginning. His opponents also say he has political backing.

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